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    Application to synthetic leather production line consist typical configuration with one or more scanners, basis weight sensors (beta ray) and control cabinets with 17”LCD display.

    16.gif   Function

    arro.gif  eal-time display of multiple basis weight (include net coating weight) graph and profile, automatic generates report;

    arro.gif  Automatic basis weight control in CD and MD method;

    arro.gif  Touchscreen LCD display, with keyboard and mouse support;

    arro.gif  Password protection, auto compensation and system diagnosis;

    arro.gif  Open database, remote view real-time data, reports;

    arro.gif  Switchable EN/CN language support.

    16.gif   Benefits

    arro.gif  Convenient for continuous checking product quality;

    arro.gif  Saving raw materials;

    arro.gif  Ensures product quality, lower the scrape rate;

    arro.gif  Shorten operating time of product switch, improve productivity;

    arro.gif  Increase yield per unit power consumption;

    arro.gif  Improve product market strength;

    arro.gif  Allow production managing and examining.

    16.gif    Detailed application

    arro.gif  Dry processing;

    arro.gif  Wet processing;

    arro.gif  Other synthetic leather production line.

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