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    TEL:+86573-82611488 Email:info@happyway.com.cn

    Web Inspection System

    Happyway Web Visual Inspection System (WIS) performs real time inspection, display and identify all surfacing defects of Web products. Identified defects >0.1mm: Holes, Broken Filament, Dirt, Contamination, Hair, Streaks, Cracks, Thin Spot, Wrinkle, Scratches, Edge Cracks, Oil Drops, and other common defects. It Capable of real time alarm, reel report printing and more features.



    Application:plastic film, Non-woven, Paper making, Coating, Glass, Metal sheet.

    -- Imported cold light source, LED light source, low energy consumption, long life time, high stability;
    --Imported high speed line scan industrial camera;
    -- Camera array setup, customize for line width and required precision;
    --Standard cooling and dustproof system, withstand harsh evironment.

    --Minimum defect detection: 0.1mm (depends on line speed and number of cameras);
    --Maximum line speed: < 1200 m/min;
    --Maximum line width: < 8000mm.

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